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2010 series

2010 Series titles:

  • Land O Cakes
  • Kringles
  • Roboli
  • Flabby Road
  • Spy Sol
  • Ducky Charms
  • Smellmann's
  • Troggle
  • Skeeter Pan
  • PLUS 9 sketch cards


Lie-cuts 1 image

The Complete Set comes

in this Groovy 70's pack!


2010 pack

Build the Puzzle on

sketch card backs!

(mouse-over to see)

Limited Production run

of 1200 sets

Groovy pack

9 All-New Titles Available Only in This Set!

The 2010 Package Parodies Collectible Cards have fake die-lines dawn on the fronts--they almost look like real stickers!!

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